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Your personal decision making AI

Your personal decision making AI

Clarity, finally.

Ask yourself the right questions before making life decisions.

OGMY Your decision making AI. Start now!

Backed by research.

40+ personalized insights backed by research in Behavioral science.

Bye-bye confusion!

Navigate life on your own terms with our Decision Experiences

Among our surveyed deciders :


feel less anxious


found some clarity


love their insights

Full privacy.

We protect your personal information, do not sell it, and you're in control. ogmy Secure SSL encryption encrypted website for full privacy and safe data protection ogmy GDPR / RGPD daata privacy protecting your information for a secured website with full privacy and safe data protection

How it works


Fill out your personality and values once to start making decisions.

OGMY is your personal decision-making AI so you can ask yourself the right questions and avoid missing key aspects of your decisions.


Enjoy +50 personalized insights inspired by research in Behavioral and Social sciences to think clearly about life's decisions.

We know that choosing what's most aligned with ourselves is the best way to decide.

But it can be hard to get a clear picture of what we want and who we are.

More about our purpose

1. Once you create and secure your profile, pick your Decision Experience to quickly answer "the right questions to ask myself before deciding".


2. Our Decision Engines will analyze your answers to project how aligned your mind, body, social life and finances seem to be with a decision. They were built by codifying and modelling hundreds of validated research articles and expert interviews.

3. Enjoy a clear and reliable Decision Analysis with dozens of research-backed insights and alignment scores.


You'll also get the chance to improve the accuracy of your next insights by telling your final decision. 

More on how it all works

We want to offer the best decision-making experience you have ever had. That is why we have decided not to sell the personal information you share with us to third parties.

We have built OGMY with privacy in mind since the very first day. From encrypted databases to strict data protection policies, we are making sure to protect your privacy at every step of the way.

We are also GDPR and CalOPPA compliant. 

Learn more about how we protect your privacy

We harness hundreds of research papers and expert interviews to build our probabilistic models. We extract the best ideas in Behavioral and Social sciences to offer you the most relevant insights in our Decision Analyses.


While we do our best to bring you authentic information, we subjectively codify and interpret the references we use. Therefore, they are simplified and approximative. The information provided on our website and all of OGMY services, products, and contents are for information purpose only and should not be considered differently.

We are constantly adding new references, so make sure to check them regularly.

Learn more about our references

We offer free access to all available questionnaires so you can discover and enjoy the power of OGMY.

You can also buy a Skip the line pack for 3.90€ a pack (valid once for 1 Decision Analysis), to get your Decision Analysis much faster (10min wait instead of ≈24h).

See all our premium plans

Decide anywhere, anytime. Sign in with your OGMY account, or create a new one, to make clear decisions instantly on the web at Access it from your personal computer or any connected device, including smartphones and tablets. 

OGMY has an extensive library of Decision Experiences. While all of our questionnaires are free, some insights are reserved for paid premium subscriptions.

We're adding new decisions every week, so make sure to check out our newest release.

Some might think it's inspired by the name of a French mythological character who helped people find their way, Ogmios... Frankly, we just liked how it sounded.

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Find clarity.

All content disclosed by OGMY is intended for informational purposes only. OGMY does not provide any recommendation for a specific treatment, action, or decision. OGMY is not liable for inaccurate or irrelevant information displayed on its Website.

OGMY © 2024     All rights reserved to OGMY®.

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